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    Reasons to use filtered water 
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    How does your water filter rate? 
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    Learn how to save money using water filtration. 
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Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Chlorine, additives and contaminates, contribute to bad tasting water.

Our water filters remove / reduce many of these contaminates from your water, which gives you great tasting water right from your own faucet. Our drinking water purification products are made with the highest quality carbon based water filter media. This water filter media extends the life of our water filters, lasting up to 3 years longer than the average 6 month whole house and drinking water filter.


Our water filtration systems are easy to install and easy to use.  Aqua Pure Solutions is a manufacturer of whole house water filtration systems, reverse osmosis filter systems, under sink water filters, and ice maker refrigerator water filters which effectively filter municipal water for your refrigerator, sink and your entire house so that everyday water tastes better than bottled water AND cost dollars less.

Stop changing drinking water filters every 6 months and enjoy the huge cost savings of getting bottled water right from your own tap. Aqua Pure Solutions is a water filter manufacturer who specializes in the following water filters and filtration systems:

We have what you need in order to provide pure, filtered, great tasting water in your home for pennies per the gallon. Please let us know how we can help you with your water filtration needs.