North Port, FL UV Light Disinfection

UV Light Disinfection

North Port, FL UV Light Disinfection

99% Reduction of bacteria by clean, safe, UV light.

Why UV?

Ultraviolet light kills anything that has nucleic acids, including pathogens that cause Staph infections, Salmonella, Hepatitis. and the potentially deadly E. Coli-0157. This type of UV has proven effective against protozoan organisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium which are resistant to chlorine treatment.

How a UV light disinfection system works

The bacteria laden water flows into the stainless steel chamber. Once inside the system, the UV light is emitted from the bulb, passes through the quartz sleeve and destroys living organisms instantly. The sanitized water then travels into your home safe organism free.

North Port, FL UV Light Disinfection