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Made in the USA

Reverse osmosis
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Aqua Pure Solutions takes pride in being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the water purification industry. As an OEM, we have full control over the design, production, and quality of the equipment we offer. This means that every component, from the smallest valve to the most intricate filtration system, is crafted with precision and expertise by our dedicated team of engineers and technicians.

This means for our customer's we are:


  • Factory Direct (enlarged and branded red)

  • 100% Certain of Media Quality

  • Able to ensure the tanks are filled to maximum capacity

  • Supporting local American workers (enlarged and branded red)

  • Building local competitors' equipment (non-proprietary)

  • All of our reverse osmosis are benched and tested

Our commitment to manufacturing our own equipment sets us apart in the market. It allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency in our products, ensuring that each piece of equipment that bears the Aqua Pure Solutions name is built to last and perform optimally.

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