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Are You Experiencing
Smelly Water, Hard Water, Salty Water, Iron in Your Water?

Say goodbye to smelly water, hard water, salty water, and more, when you give us a call.


We will come out to your home, test your water, and provide the best solution to get your water fixed! Call us today!

water softeners north port fl
water softeners north port fl
water softeners north port fl

What is causing my hard water, smelly water, or rusty water?

Your tap water is full of impurities and chemicals - many of which are harmful to you and your family. Having smelly water, or hard water should not be considered normal.

To figure out exactly what is wrong with your water, we will send one of our expert water technicians out to do a full assessment. Once we identify what your water problem is, we will be able to get you set up with the best solution.


We help fix these common water problems:


  • Smelly water

  • Salty water

  • Hard water

  • Arsenic in water

  • Iron and rust in water

Florida Customer Reviews

Rich M.

"Ryan was our salesman with Aqua Pure that sold us a Platinum Plus Water Softener to reduce the hardness of The water. He is very professional and courteous. A couple of weeks after the system was installed in our home, Ryan came back and retested our water for harness. We love our soft water it has made a big difference."

Deb S.

"This is our 2nd home w/the Aqua Pure system. We're thrilled with the quality of our water and the annual maintenance is excellent!"

Michael G.

"WOW! My wife and I are in our 50's and my wife said the water was drying out her hair, Well once the water softener was installed, we came the dogs a bath and then she took a long shower and when she got out, she walked up to me and said, Michael, feel my hair. I did and it was not dry and felt soft and nice. Hard to explain but what a difference. My wife was happy and I am very glad we purchased this system because it makes such a big difference."

Call Today for an Appointment Today or Tomorrow!

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