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Water Story

The same amount of water exists today that did approximately one million years ago. Of that, 99% is salt water and the remaining 1% is fresh water, in the clouds, rivers, lakes, streams and glaciers.


When the water drops from the clouds, it is perfectly pure. The way God meant it to be. As it falls it picks up atmospheric pollutants such as exhaust fumes, smoke, acid rain, factory pollutants, etc… Then when it hits the surface of the land it picks up anything and everything from the presence of animals and human activity.


With over 80 thousand chemicals used on a daily basis, most of which are largely understudied and grossly unregulated. These pollutants leach into our private well and city water supplies.


With cancers and bacterial pandemics on the rise, we at Aqua Pure Solutions believe “It is wiser to invest in a filter than to be one”

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